Dive With 40 Feet with Great White Sharks!


Dive to 40 feet with Great White Sharks!!

Shark season is just around the corner...

40 foot submisible shark cage??

  Yes, it's true!! We are excited to offer a very unique experience to our certified scuba dive clients with a shark cage that can submerge to a maximum of 40 feet. Guadalupe Island has fine and excellent diving conditions with beautiful blue water, 100 foot visibility and seas that are usually calm. However, it can get windy and it seems to us that the white sharks tend to stay a wee bit deeper on windier days. So, we borrowed an idea from Australia and built a submersible 3 person cage that will offer an awesome view unlike any other. Photography opportunities should be wild. Rebreather divers are welcome to bring their rigs which is a first!! Strict safety protocols will be in place. Submersible cage diving has been done for many years in Australia and we are very fortunate to have one of the leading shark experts in the world, Rodney Fox, joining us this fall to show us how it's done.


How much diving can I do on a Guadalupe trip?

 The answer is simple - as much as you want!!! All certified divers will have the opportunity to do one dive in the submerged cage. We have 4 other cages on the surface that are open from 6:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. every day except until 5:00 p.m. on the final day of diving. We always plan to arrive at Guadalupe the night before the diving starts. That gives our guests a nice quiet sleep and allows us to get the cages in the water the evening before in an unhurried way. 4 surface cages allow divers unprecedented freedom to spend virtually as much time as they want in the water. The only restriction is on the first morning of each trip when we ask guests to limit themselves to 2 hours at a time. For those competitive types out there, the boat record so far is 31.5 hours of cage time in 3 days of diving!

Will I see sharks on a Guadalupe trip?

Well, if our operating history is any indication, we are almost sure to bash through and exceed your expectations. In the last 3 years of white shark diving, we have had only 1 couple who were not very, very pleased with their shark sightings. This poor couple had terrible luck and a shark always seemed to show up as soon as they got out of a cage and then disappear once they got back in the water. So we gave them a makeup trip. There are a group of "regulars" (ie. good 'ol Bruce and Shredder) that visit us virtually every day all season. Depending on the time of year, we get sightings that range from groups of excitable males in August to big "momma's" in mid to late October. It has always been exciting and our crew fight over the chance to get scheduled onto these adventures.

Interested in combining scuba diving with a great white shark trip?

We first visited Rocas Alijos in September 2004. At the time, we were the first recreational dive boat to venture out to the remains of this 10,000 foot deep underwater volcano. We were only able to spend 1 day exploring the place and have always wanted to go back. The west coast of Baja California is a fascinating place to dive with a unique mix of temperate water animals similar to what is seen in the Channel Islands as well as sub-tropical Panamic animals similar to what is seen in the Sea of Cortez. Pretty wild stuff. This particular adventure includes 3 days of cage diving with great white sharks, diving the giant kelp forest at Benitos Island with resident elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals and California sealions as well as exploring Rocas Alijos.

We hope you'll join us,

Mike, Mary Anne, and Judith

Check out one of our great white shark YouTube videos courtesy of Ralph Clevenger.