Nautilus News Fall 2009

08-Sep-2009 NAUTILUS NEWS, Fall 2009

Greater Diving with Great Whites

The end of August marks the start of this year's shark season and we are all vibrating with excitement. We just completed our first Guadalupe Island great white shark trip and the diving was fantastic! Unbelievable! Really awesome! Our new submersible cages have "hit the ball out of the park" in being diver friendly and enhancing the white shark experience. Standing on the top of these new cages feels as if you are on a rooftop patio in 40 feet of clear blue water — except for the need to keep your head on a swivel if there are 3 or 4 sharks around you! NOTHING can compare to standing outside on the upper deck of a submersible cage and watching a great white shark swim straight at you and then pass by 6 feet away as the shark's eye swivels to watch you. You still have a chance to jump in as we do have a limited number of openings this fall.
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Watch excerpts from our Aug 29 - Sep 3 trip here.

Socorro Island Aerial Patrol Program

We love the giant mantas, sharks, dolphins and humpback whales of Socorro Island! It is an incredible privilege to be able to dive with all these big animals and we feel a huge responsibility to help stop illegal fishing of them. The aerial patrol program, as part of our efforts for the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, is really starting to gather momentum this year. We have been advocating the idea of aerial patrols at the island and are ecstatic that a number of Mexican government agencies are now onboard. It looks like the program may get off the ground (pardon the pun!) this fall.

To date, we have raised almost $75,000 with the very generous donations from our guests, crew and owners of the company to help fund the patrols. Our fundraising continues with the inception of a 50/50 draw on every trip on the Nautilus Explorer and a grand prize draw next May that includes free trips, discounted trips, free bar tab onboard, courtesy room upgrades and some other great prizes. 50/50 tickets can be bought for $10, 6 for $50, 11 for $100 or 23 tickets for $180 and we welcome shoreside participation with 501C3 tax receipts for $50 or more. Read more

Photography Aboard the Nautilus Explorer

We have always found that photography is a favourite activity among our guests. We would like to encourage this by subsidizing Wetpixel Quarterly subscriptions of our past and future friends and clients at 1/2 price. Issue 6 of Wetpixel Quarterly features imagery from the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States, including a feature on Eric Cheng's trip to Alaska aboard the Nautilus Explorer! Give us a ring at 1-604-657-7614 or click on the "Email Us" button on the menu and we will set you up with a subscription.

Berkley White, owner of Backscatter Underwater Camera and Video, has joined us on many trips and always ends up motivating everyone onboard to shoot more and shoot better. Backscatter is also offering a special deal to friends and clients of the Nautilus with a $100 savings on any SLR system or $50 on any point-and-shoot system.

And of course, there is no point being motivated to get a great camera system and take loads of images unless you have in mind a great boat to book a trip on. That's exactly where the Nautilus Explorer comes in! We are a friendly boat for photographers and have tons of amazing underwater experiences to offer — from diving to 40 feet with great white sharks in the clear blue waters of Guadalupe Island to more intimate interactions with giant mantas and dolphins of Socorro Island.

We hope you'll join us.
Mike, Mary Anne, and Judith