Norbert Wu and Eric Cheng scuba diving Alaska 07!

11-Jan-2007 Norbert Wu and Eric Cheng ( scuba diving Alaska 07!

January 11, 2007

Join Norbert Wu and Eric Cheng ( for Alaska 07 !!!!!

While our Alaska 2007 scuba diving trips have been virtually sold out for the last year, one date just opened up because of an unexpected group cancellation. This hugely interesting journey boards in Sitka on June 24th and disembarks in Ketchikan 12 days later on July 6th after exploring the best of southeast Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Mike Lever, Captain and partner in the Nautilus Explorer commented “Norb and Eric are among the very elite of underwater photographers. This is a fabulous chance to get to know them and venture well “off the beaten track” with us in Alaska. I will be skippering this trip myself and guarantee that you will experience the best cold-water scuba diving in the world, get closer to breaching and bubblenet feeding humpback whales than you ever imagined, see bears up close and more bald eagles than you can count, climb onto icebergs and watch glaciers calve, take beach walks and shore expeditions, flightsee from a small floatplane and even visit natural hot-springs, pristine beaches and an ancient Haida village”.


For all of those folks who had inquired about Alaska 07 over the last year, WE WERE WRONG, we have space available after all and invite you to join us!!


“Alaska DVDs” available with our compliments and by request.


Note from Norb:

“Alaska is one of my favorite places in the world to visit and photograph. Being able to visit Alaska on one of my favorite boats – the Nautilus Explorer – and to see Alaska’s natural splendors both above and below the water is a very special experience indeed. On my last trip to Alaska on the Nautilus Explorer, we saw and experienced everything Mike mentions above – we saw glaciers calving, spent a day cavorting on icebergs, watched a juvenile humpback whale “practicing” lunge feeding, and dove spectacular underwater walls that were chock full of invertebrate life. It’s a great trip, and I am looking forward to it. My trips are run so that people can have a good time and see things that they might not otherwise see. If you are looking for the bargain dive trip of the century or an intense photo seminar-type trip, you should probably book a trip with someone who specializes in photo workshops. I am available to give informal discussions on underwater photography, and of course I run well-planned trips (I only go to sites that I have a desire to go myself and only on boats that I have found comfortable), but my divers are ones that can have a good time even if the visibility may be bad, the seas rough, or the animals uncooperative. They enjoy my company, and I enjoy theirs. It is a very select group, and I hope that you will be comfortable with the informality and the way things are run."