The Nautilus On YouTube


The Nautilus on YouTube ...

A lot of very talented cinematographers and videographers have joined us onboard the Nautilus Explorer. Our friend Alfredo Barrosa just sent us the following video (click here to watch video) and we think it is just awesome. It is beautiful, emotional and really captures the essence of the giant mantas, sharks and dolphins of Socorro Island and the Revillagigedos. Enjoy and please tell all your friends - even better if we could ask you to 'rank' the video.

Captain Mike




We are now on Facebook ... Look us Up!

The Nautilus Explorer has joined the Facebook community and we are now officially social networking. Please visit our groups on Facebook and become a member.

Note from Captain Mike: "I am not all computer savvy on this kind of thing but even I found it easy and interesting. All you have to do is go to and enter 'Nautilus Explorer' into the search option. If you are not already a member, you will have to become a member to go any further (the search results are variable) but even that is easy and quick. We hope that you will join us and all the staff and crew of the Nautilus on our social network."