Conservation efforts

Conservation is a cornerstone of our business.

Over 25 years of dive charters we have watched first hand as many of the critters that we love to dive with – our friends – have been fished out and disappeared. It is impossible not to be concerned. We feel a huge need to do “something” and vigorously support conservation, scientific research and educational efforts.

We fully back and support The Socorro Conservation Fund and the Guadalupe Conservation Fund which are donor-advised funds at the International Community Foundation in San Diego, a tax-exempt 501c3 public charity in the U.S. ( Captain Mike is the fund advisor for both funds and takes full responsibility for compliance with all donor requests and directions.

Over $160,000 has been raised in the last 2 1/2 years with the very generous support of our guests, staff and owners of the company. Disbursements have been approved for projects ranging from hiring a teacher for the one-room school on Guadalupe Island to many different scientific studies to purchasing underwater telemetry equipment to track sharks and giant mantas to funding aerial overflights looking for illegal fishing..

We are currently raising as much money as possible to cover direct operating costs of aerial flights over Socorro (Revillagigedos) Islands. Flight time is donated to both CEMDA (the Mexican environmental legal defence fund) and different Mexican government agencies. The principles of our company have provided the aircraft (a modified Beech Baron E55 Foxstar modified for over-water flights), pilot, hangarage, insurance and cost of delivering the aircraft mission-ready to Mexico.

We continue to support education in every way possible. Our goal is simple. We want to get kids in the water and we want them to see first hand how beautiful the ocean is. It’s an amazing experience to watch a kid’s face the first time they hike up a salmon stream in Alaska amid all the grizzly bears on the riverbank and eagles soaring overhead. It’s equally amazing to see kids keen and enthusiastic to jump into cages to see great white sharks first hand. All of these lucky kids are sure to go back and tell their friends about the amazing stuff that they saw. And that’s one small step in the next generation realizing how great the ocean is. And why we need to save it to save ourselves.We encourage interested educators, artists and other folks who work with kids to contact us for more information.

To make a tax deductable donation, for information on these programs, or to discuss other ideas, please email or call our office at 604-241-1918.  We welcome any and every donation – no matter how large or small. And we welcome any and all ideas on working with us to enhance conservation and education efforts. Our resources are fully available to support good ideas.