Certified Safe and Seaworthy

The Nautilus Explorer is built and certified to the same exacting international standards as the largest cruise ship, and has earned a SOLAS passenger certificate for short international voyages, the ultimate confirmation of seaworthiness and safety. We're also very particular about keeping the Nautilus Explorer ship-shape and spotlessly clean. In 2001, she received ISM certification from Lloyds Register. This is the marine equivalent of ISO 9000 and is your assurance that the ship's organization and support services are all first-rate. The ISM rating also means that the Nautilus Explorer undergoes regular internal and independent external audits to ensure that the vessel is always safe and well maintained. We are very proud that the Nautilus Explorer is the only liveaboard dive boat in the world with a SOLAS ISM certificate under audit by Lloyds Register.

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SOLAS Information

Your safety on a dive liveaboard vessel is of paramount importance. Over the years, many dive boats have burned, sunk, capsized, run onto rocks, been caught in hurricanes, and so on. It’s no small matter.

IMO - the International Maritime Organization – regulates and governs Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) with comprehensive regulations administered by certified classification groups. IMO and these regulations were formed as a direct result of the sinking of the Titanic. The bad news is that fewer than 1% of the worldwide dive liveaboard fleet are SOLAS certified under IMO regulation. The good news is that the Nautilus Explorer is one of those very few SOLAS dive vessels, and has the same safety certificates as the largest ocean going cruise ships in the world. ISM certification is the maritime equivalent of ISO 9000 (quality assurance and management process) and is a SOLAS requirement that we are proud to be in full compliance with, under audit by Lloyds Register.

The SOLAS certification means peace of mind, and sailing without worry. Our good night’s sleep and very lives are worth it. 

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Nautilus Explorer Certifications

 »  Transport Canada Ship Safety passenger certificate for ocean voyages;
 »  International Load Line Certificate;
 »  ISM (marine equivalent of ISO9000) certification under Lloyd's Register;
 »  United States Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection as a SOLAS passenger ship;
 »  ISPS international certificate issued by Transport Canada;
 »  CONANP and SEMARNAT permits to operate in restricted Biosphere Reserves in Mexico;
 »  Ship Oil Pollution Prevention certificate issued by Transport Canada;
 »  Approved Garbage Management plan by Canada Customs, US Agriculture, and Mexico Agriculture.